Icebreaker Distributed!

Our debut single "Icebreaker" has been distributed across stores around the world, including Spotify and Itunes. Check it out on spotify here: Icebreaker-Spotify

First Gig! - 09/08/2017

CWM have finally triumphed over the court system and have been permitted to play in public. Our first show was an unexpected success as a few people submitted to the blackmail and turned up! Shout out to the fan who made his own band t-shirt.. a lovely new addition to the merch slaves.

Can count to 5 - 09/05/2017

In the CWM corner of the globe yet another challenge has been overcome. ALL 4 members of the band have successfully learnt to count to 5! The elusive number found just beyond 4 was reached by the final member of the band not 5 minutes ago! A triumph for animals and plants everywhere.

Band Kills Fly - 02/01/2017

Yet another success story from this amazing band. The band CWM famous for such exploits as putting three letters together and practicing has managed to complete a sustained assault against a bluebottle. Details are coming through but reports indicate the fly was sat on by all 4 members at once, another victory in a world savaged by the war between man and fly.

Practice - 21/02/2016

CWM the band behind great escapades such as coming up with the name CWM has more to offer this poorly ignorant world. They have decided to start band practice! This will commence approximately one week from today for theone week period of over a week, more to be posted soon.

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